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Our Services

Dental Treatment
aesthetic surgery
Aesthetic Surgery
obesity treatment
Obesity Treatment
hair transplant
Hair Transplant
Genital Surgery
Eyes Treatment


Although oral and dental health affects the appearance of a person, it also harms psychological self-confidence. The quality of a person’s smile and oral health increase self-confidence. It leaves a more positive mark on the first impression in the first meetings.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening increases the person’s self-confidence and enables them to communicate more comfortably and positively in social interactions. The effective and attractive appearance of a smile creates a psychologically positive mood and strengthens one’s self-esteem. This has an effect on improving the quality of life.

Hollywood Smile

In Hollywood Smile, factors such as the color, shape and size of the teeth are meticulously examined to create an aesthetic and harmonious smile, and a smile compatible with the facial features of the individual is designed. Increases self-confidence, leaves a positive effect with a beautiful smile.


It is called the medical studies performed with an aesthetic point of view to the places that are considered necessary in the body. In addition to surgical requirements, it is a branch that can be applied by those who want to look more aesthetic or who are not satisfied with any part of their body and have psychological problems.


Rhinoplasty improves facial harmony by shaping one of the most distinctive features of the person’s face. Rhinoplasty increases self-confidence with aesthetic and functional improvements, positively affects the facial expression of the person and reflects self-confidence with its aesthetic appearance.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck is an aesthetic surgical procedure that provides a smoother appearance by removing sagging and excess fat in the abdomen. It tightens the abdominal muscles and defines the body lines. The person looks much more fit and attractive thanks to his new appearance.

Butt Lift

Butt lift is an aesthetic procedure that provides tightening and shaping of the buttocks. It gives fullness with fat transfer or implants. It defines body lines, increases self-confidence and helps to achieve a more aesthetic appearance. It emphasizes a striking and attractive hip profile.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is an aesthetic surgical intervention that increases and lifts the breast volume of women with breast augmentation. The desired size and shape is obtained with implants or a natural method of fat transfer. It has a positive effect on body image.

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oezcan aktugoezcan aktug
12:40 20 Apr 23
I came from Germany and was brought directly to the clinic with a VIP transfer. Everything was to my best satisfaction, I had a hair transplant and my teeth done there. Super professional service.
Jeimi QuinteroJeimi Quintero
12:57 19 Apr 23
The attention was excellent, they complied with what they offered me, the staff was very kind to me, after a month I have recovered very quickly and I hope to continue doing so, thank you very much for everything!!!!
Paola GómezPaola Gómez
09:00 19 Apr 23
I will be back soon, highly recommended, excellent treatment from both doctors and nurses and the translator, a very empathetic and super friendly person.
Excellent care and results. Happy to have found this wonderful clinic. Anyone who wants to make a positive change in their image should know Ferumed Clinic.
10:31 08 Jan 23
I had liposuction in a few places in this hospital and had great care. The doctors and nurses take really good care of you and check around the clock if you are doing well and were always nice. The hospital was very clean, tidy and sterile. Will not be my last plastic surgery there :)I can only recommend to everyone!


Bariatric surgery is a surgical intervention to treat serious obesity and related health problems. Procedures such as gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy reduce stomach size, limit food intake and promote weight loss. Appropriate evaluation and postoperative lifestyle changes are very important for successful results.

Sleeve Gastrektomi

Sleeve Gastrectomy is an effective surgical method in the treatment of obesity. A large part of the stomach is removed and a tube-shaped structure is created. The reduced stomach volume limits food intake and promotes weight loss by increasing the feeling of satiety. It is a preferred option for suitable patients to achieve safe and permanent results.

Stomach Balloon

Gastric balloon is a non-surgical slimming option. It involves placing a deflated balloon in the stomach and then inflating it, reducing food intake and promoting a feeling of fullness. The temporary procedure helps you start losing weight. It is suitable for people who are not suitable for surgical methods or who do not prefer surgical methods.


Although hair seems like a simple part of our body, it has incredible psychological effects. Studies have shown that people with hair loss often have negative situations based on lack of self-confidence, such as lack of self-confidence, dissatisfaction with general physical appearance, decrease in quality of life, psychological disorder, and feeling bad.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplantation, advanced hair restoration method. Hair follicles are taken one by one from donor areas and transplanted to balding or thinned areas. Minimally invasive, natural-looking results. It increases self-confidence by providing a permanent solution to hair loss. It offers a convenient, safe and effective solution for various stages of hair loss.

Hair Mesoteraphy

Hair mesotherapy, non-surgical hair loss treatment. Nutrient-rich solutions injected into the scalp that promote hair follicle growth and improve blood circulation. It stimulates dormant hair follicles, resulting in thicker and healthier hair. It is a safe and effective procedure. It is suitable for both men and women who are in different stages of hair loss.

Our Happy Guests

We shoot interview-like videos with our guests, with whom we get real results. Many of our patients do not accept this due to confidentiality. You can find the videos of our guests who accepted to shoot on our youtube channel. We would like to thank our guests who chose us to have a photo shoot. We will continue to serve without compromising our quality, safe and reasonable price policy.


Genital surgery, also known as genital rejuvenation or cosmetic genital surgery, refers to a variety of surgical procedures to improve the appearance and function of the genital area. It provides self-confidence and sexual satisfaction for individuals seeking aesthetic and functional improvements. Consulting with a qualified surgeon is essential to obtain safe and satisfactory results.


Vaginoplasty, surgical procedure to narrow and rejuvenate the vaginal canal. It is usually done after birth or due to age-related changes. It increases sexual satisfaction and restores self-confidence. Because it contains sensitive tissues, it requires expert consultation. Beneficial for women seeking improved vaginal tone and function, promoting overall well-being and satisfaction.

Penis Length Surgery

Penis lengthening surgery is a surgical procedure that aims to lengthen the penis. The method of releasing the ligaments with surgical methods is often preferred. This process helps men to satisfy their partners more easily and to get more pleasure from the man. It increases the level of sexual self-confidence in men and makes them feel better psychologically.


Your eyes allow you to see everything in your life. Vision problems can interfere with your daily life and even endanger your safety. Eye treatment improves your eyesight and improves your quality of life by eliminating these problems. Are you ready to improve your quality of life?

Excimer Laser

Excimer laser is an advanced laser technology used to correct eye disorders. It corrects refraction errors such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism by reshaping the cornea. It is a painless and quick procedure, often reducing the use of glasses or contact lenses. It is applied safely by specialist doctors and provides permanent results.

Smart Lens

Smart Lens is a type of advanced technological lens used during cataract surgery. It provides clear vision at near and far distances by increasing the quality of vision. Reduces or completely eliminates the need for glasses. It is placed with surgery under expert supervision and offers a permanent solution for life.








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